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In-Home Personal Training
Desiree DeTrempe

I was looking for strength and tone to help me with lower back problems. I was not seeing results with my physical therapist so I decided to try a different approach with my discomfort. I read about Andrew’s experiences and method. His professional and always challenging routines targeted my core strength. He also helped me ameliorate my overall weight bearing strength- Andrew is engaging and goal oriented. Through his thoughtful guidance, I have realized improved endurance, far less pain and more energy!

Pamela Carlson

I would describe my experience with Bora Fitness as positive and definitely worth the time and effort. I have lost over 45 pounds and continue to lose weight. Andrew helps me push out of my comfort zone, and he has helped me reach goals I would have thought were unattainable. I have worked with other trainers at commercial gyms and I have to say that their service does not compare to my experience with Andrew; he is always on time, friendly, professional and very motivating. Andrew is knowledgeable about nutrition and has helped me make the right choices outside of the gym.

Jennifer L

I’ve never been big on exercise or training but I’ve realized it’s an essential part of staying fit and active as life moves on. Based on a recommendation from a friend, I met with Andrew and was instantly impressed with his knowledge, attitude, and how much he cared about helping me reach the goals that I wanted to achieve, so I signed on, and I’m really glad I did. I feel stronger and more energetic than I ever have in my life! I’m seeing my body gradually transforming into what I want it to be and I’m so confident to know that the path we’re taking will be a life lasting one and not that of some quick fad diet! Now, mind you, I still don’t like working out (haha) but I certainly like the results I’m getting with Andrew, and I highly recommend him to help you achieve your fitness goals for a lifetime!

Foster Alexander

It was a lot of fun working out with Andrew and it really started me on a new weightlifting passion. He helped me become more motivated about everything in my life, and that sparked the competitive side in me. In addition, Andrew made good use of the time. I know that I’ve learned a lot of new exercises. So just overall it was very nice working with him. The results I got were great! I went from being a weak kid to being a strong kid. This also helped me to become more confident in myself and be a more positive person overall as I got in better shape. I always loved to workout with Andrew and see my progress. I’m thankful to him for all the help and for the new person that he helped me to become. I will always remember that Andrew laid the first brick in my my weightlifting passion and I will continue to keep training and getting bigger.

Kaitlyn Fischer

I trained with Andrew for a few months in 2008. I really learned about how to work out safely as well as how to make my lifestyle healthier. Andrew provided great recommendations for better nutrition, vitamin supplements, etc. in conjunction with our work-out plan. Andrew was a positive motivator who listened to what I was looking for and created a program that fit my needs. He ensured that I knew the correct techniques and provided a variety of work-out options so that I could switch up my routine as needed.

Dan Morse

Results from working out never came easy to me. I spent hours in the gym pushing myself and seeing nothing. I tried everything from creatine to vitamins to testosterone boosters. They all failed, not because I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough, but because I didn’t know what I was doing. That’s when I started looking into personal trainers. I chose Andrew because of his positive reputation from his clients. For three solid months, Andrew and I worked out together and I started to learn the key things that would give me the body that I was looking for. In his detailed meal plan, he would go over exactly what I needed to eat, and included a day by day calorie plan.

Edgar Reihl

I’ve never had a personal trainer before, and it’s been a great experience! Andrew designed a complete program to help me achieve my goal of having a lean, defined body. The program includes specific dietary recommendations for macronutrients and calorie intake. I have learned a lot from Andrew’s insights, and I’m definitely getting results. I can’t say enough about Andrew’s positive, encouraging attitude. I really look forward to my training sessions with him. He varies my workout so that it never becomes boring or routine. I highly recommend Andrew’s approach. He is awesome!

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