Youth Fitness Training

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Youth Fitness TrainingIt’s a fact– kids that are in shape perform better in school in both academic and sports activities.  As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your child succeed in school and prepare for his or her career.  Whether your child is a budding math whiz or future sports star, a good fitness program will be of great benefit.

Today’s kids are fascinated by computers and technology and love to spend hours and hours sitting in front of a computer or TV playing games.  Unfortunately, these games do not involve much physical activity.  As a result, children are not getting the proper amount of exercise that is required for them to stay healthy.  At the same time, many schools are cutting back on physical education and exercise programs in order to save money or put a greater emphasis on math and science.

Lack of exercise is one part of the problem; poor nutrition is the other part.  Schools often serve food that is full of sugar and artificial ingredients designed to improve the taste while keeping costs down.  When they do serve healthy foods, kids often bypass them in favor of snack foods and sugary drinks.   Even drinks that you would think would be healthy, like fruit drinks, are often little more than sugar water with artificial coloring and maybe a small percentage of actual fruit juice (read the label for an eye-opening experience)!

Today’s chubby child is more than likely to turn into an overweight adult.  And if recent trends continue, our nation will be facing an epidemic of obesity and related health problems, including cancer and diabetes.  You can help your child get on the right track now–before it’s too late– by starting a fitness program and getting active.

Andrew will design a fitness training program for your child that is tailored to his or her needs and goals.  If your child is interested in playing competitive sports, Andrew can provide sports-specific training.  To find out more about youth fitness training, call Andrew today at (312) 685-5565.

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