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    Andrew Bora, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and CEO, Bora Fitness

  • George-Kostopoulos-Certified-Personal-Trainer

    George Kostopoulos, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Kelly Moretta, Reiki Master Teacher

    Kelly Moretta is a Reiki Master Teacher trained in Usui/Tibetian, Ascension, Reiju, Karuna & Transformational Reiki systems.

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Mr. Andrew Bora, CEO and founder of Bora Fitness, is pleased to announce that his dynamic and powerful training techniques are now available in downtown Glencoe at the new Bora Fitness Center which is about to double in size.  Mr. Bora has been providing education and fitness training on the North Shore for nine years.  Bora is a recognized leader in the fitness industry with clients traveling from all over the area to seek his expertise.

The newly expanded Bora Fitness Center will enable adults and children to have access to his specialized and efficient training strategies.  Bora Fitness is conveniently located above Pascal Pour Elle at 366 Park Avenue, 2nd Floor, in the downtown Glencoe shopping district.

Coming soon: Semi-private fitness training for small groups of 3-4 people. Bring your friends or family, or you will be paired up with others at a similar fitness level. This is a fun way to exercise and it is also very cost effective.

All training sessions are by appointment. Hours are 5 am – 9 pm M-F, 6 am – 6 pm Saturday, and on Sunday by appointment only.

Meet our trainers and read about their qualifications and training philosophy. Learn more about our trainers!

We also offer Reiki Treatments by Kelly Moretta, a Reiki Master Teacher. She is certified by the International Association of Reiki Professionals. Learn more about Reiki Treatments!

 About Andrew Bora

Here is an article from the Glencoe Anchor that appeared earlier this year:

What’s it like to have a personal trainer?

Check out our Testimonials page to find out what Andrew’s clients have to say.

Our Personal Training Gym

Bora Fitness has a new location in downtown Glencoe at 366 Park Avenue, 2nd Floor. If you live on the North Shore of Chicago in Glenview, Northfield, or Winnetka, we are just around the corner.  Take a look around! Here are some pictures of our gym.

Quick Overview of Bora Fitness

At Bora Fitness, we specialize in weight loss by showing you how to improve the quality of your life by integrating fitness with a balanced diet. Regardless of your fitness level, our proven systems will help you have a great workout, lose inches, and achieve weight loss!

Do you struggle with weight loss?weight-loss

First of all, don’t blame yourself! Many people have the same problem you do. It’s primarily the result of our modern lifestyle, which involves sedentary jobs, high stress levels, and poor eating habits. Perhaps you’ve tried various diets or pills, only to find out that they don’t work. A lot of these “quick weight loss fixes” are not only ineffective, they can be bad for your health. And unfortunately, many people find that the effects are only temporary—you lose weight, only to put all of it back on again—or gain even more. Dieting is not much fun when you’re feeling hungry all the time. That’s why a lot of people either cheat or give up after awhile.

The fact is that in order to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you burn—unfortunately, there are no magic shortcuts. The good news is that no matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, Andrew can design a program for you that will definitely get results—safely and effectively—through a combination of exercise and healthy eating. You can lose weight and keep it off permanently, and you can do it without starving yourself or taking diet pills!

Don’t wait any longer

Instead of struggling to get through each day, you can be looking and feeling great. Improve your self-esteem and increase your energy level and on-the-job performance—or get the job you want. You know that looks matter in today’s highly competitive workplace. As a further bonus, you’ll be improving your overall health and quality of life. Give Andrew a call and get started on your total body transformation today!

Why you should choose a Certified Personal TrainerAndrew-With-Client

Health and fitness professionals that have worked hard to become certified through an accredited agency such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine are better able to accurately assess your current fitness level and develop an individual training program that will help you achieve your goals, whether they involve losing weight, increasing your stamina and strength, or improving your performance while playing your favorite sport.

Personal training is all about you! Every person is different—that is why you need a fitness training program that fits your unique situation. Andrew starts with an individual fitness assessment to determine your current fitness level, find out what your goals are, and identify any problem areas that need to be taken into consideration while designing your training program.

Did you know that many trainers are not certified? Don’t take chances and waste your time and money. If you’re serious about improving your fitness and health, choose a certified personal trainer at Bora Fitness! Meet our trainers.

Are you new to personal training?sports-equipment

If you’ve never had a personal trainer before, or you’re just considering the idea, Andrew Bora has written a helpful article on how to prepare for your first session and what to expect from it. Visit our Fitness section to read it.

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